exhibit 1: two stars and a smiley

multiple times before it makes sense

needs to improve his handwriting even more

multimasking champion


natural born fidget spinner

group activity survivor

directions with trouble

healthy streak of delusion

delusional genius

underestimated overachiever

exhibit 2: acts over opinions

evenly distributed fucks given

genetically modified generically mortified

again and against all odds

made in silence thrive in boredom

anti 5 am 9 am club

got burnt and sprung back like toast

half full pessimist half empty optimist

not staring at a blank canvas anymore

grounded like a rock flying like a hawk

mined like a blood diamond

make a choices

seemingly humble allegedly kind

maintains peace and distance

exhibit 3: winners and losers have the same goals

take risks on a trampoline

wish for haters

tl;dr bible: grow balls, be kind

writers block artists shoot and score

start with why do i do this to myself

rip what you sowed

collectors close critics closer

all that jitters is bold

start before you’re not good enough

write it down before it’s a stupid idea

find your voice notes

iq high eq medium sq low aq turbo

exhibit 4: not to be sold without bubble wrap

get rich or die spraying

no brainer investment in a volatile market

blue chip art high resale value

hide this when they invade

pass on to future generations

take this to your leader

inflation friendly recession proof

will most definitely outperform the stock market

basquiat warhol haring chiiild

pair with banksy original

one of a kind limited edition signed

nft (phygital)

won it at christie’s

no risk super high returns

final underscore ctc.tiff